Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Story of Levi - Part Five (Where we are now)

Levi is now 4.5 years old. He is a very strong willed child and never seems to run out of energy. I've never met a kid his age who is more social. He will talk to everyone and anyone. We really cannot go anywhere without him striking up a conversation with someone. I've been sure to have our stranger danger talks many times. It makes me a little nervous having such an outgoing kid! Something else I just adore about Levi is that he loves to clean. Not the pick up your toys type of cleaning but scrubbing his bathroom type of cleaning. He's not the type of kid that gets in your way and prevents you from being able to clean. He will be right there with you helping!

He just finished his first year of preschool. Levi absolutely loved it and made some great friends! He currently has a "girlfriend" that he met at school and adores! They share the same birthday and were actually born one minute apart. How cute is that!? She's the older one, in case you were wondering! I've seen such a wonderful side of him since he's had this "girlfriend". For instance, he grabbed a bag the other day and started filling it with things that he thought she might like. Along with trying to raid my jewelery box but he didn't get very far with that idea! He has an old cell phone for a toy and he carried it around with him all day even out running errands and kept "calling" her asking her how she was doing, explaining to her what we were up to among other things. I really feel like he will make someone incredibly happy one day!

Levi is now a big brother! I'll get to all of the details of that in the next few posts but I just want to brag about what an AMAZING big brother he is. He has been in love with his little brother from the moment we heard his heart beat together. When I was pregnant he would ask me almost daily "How is the baby doing today? Is he kicking you a lot?". Ever since the baby has come into this world Levi has been the greatest helper. Whenever the baby is sad Levi does what he can to make him feel better. He also sings songs to him, brings him his favorite toys, shares his food with him and loves carrying him around the room. Now that they can play together it has gotten so fun around here! They have such a great time playing together and can get each other laughing like you wouldn't believe! The favorite part of my day is sitting back and watching them play. I hope that they will continue to grow into great friends and be there for each other through whatever life brings them.

Now for the update on Aaron and I. We never did get back together but have grown to have a good relationship between us. On occasion we will all three do something together which I feel is incredibly important for Levi. We don't have a custody agreement but he sees Levi at least once a week while I'm working. Aaron is living at home so it's nice that Levi can go to one place and see all of them at the same time. He really enjoys going over there, hanging out and having the occasional sleep over. Aaron works part time plus being in a band that's doing pretty well for themselves. They will be going on a west coast tour this summer, filming a music video, plus releasing their CD. Music has always been huge for Aaron and he's an incredibly talented drummer so I'm really glad that things are working out the way they are for him!

I'm a strong believer in "everything happens for a reason". During our break up and my stressful pregnancy I couldn't have imagined life the way it is now. I'm so glad that Aaron is in Levi's life, that Levi is happy and healthy and that everyone gets along.

Levi at 1 year

Levi at 2 years

Levi at 3 years

Levi at 4 years


  1. I am glad that even though things didn't work out between you and Aaron you are able to put the past behind you and have a good relationship for Levi's sake. I think that is the best thing you guys could do for him. He is such a handsome little man. One of these times that I am over that way we will have to get together! I would love to meet your boys!

    1. You have no idea how much I would love to see you and meet your two kiddos! I would probably cry! So, please please please let me know!