Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thanking God I don't (and won't) have a daughter

I have never wanted a daughter for many reasons. I have enough mood swings and if there were another girl under this roof things would probably get ugly.. real ugly. Also, it would be just my luck that if I had a girl she would act like a little princess. Yeah, I'm a hairstylist but I am not girly. I couldn't deal with a girl wanting to wear nothing but dresses and sitting in front of the mirror for hours applying make up. And what about when she would start having sleepovers with her friends? The loud boy band music blaring and the squealing/shrieking/screaming that girls do?! It would drive me insane.. Not to mention one day she would probably get married, plan this huge elaborate wedding and I would feel obligated to pay for it. No thank you. (Did I really just go there? Oh well.)

I am glad though that I have a sister and a cousin close to my sisters age. We can go get our nails done, I can go with them when they shop for their prom dresses and wedding dress and I already style their hair whenever we're together. I can get my girl fix whenever I want and don't have to put up with all of the other stuff! It's perfect!

I had dreams years and years and years ago of having 3 boys. All hockey players. Once I had Levi though the number of children I wanted changed from 3 down to 2 in a hurry. The thought of being outnumbered terrifies me. My mom had three more kids starting when I was 12 and I see how difficult/tiring it can be juggling all of their activities now that they're older. Plus, the more kids you have the more fighting there will probably be. Can't forget about the expense of having kids too. I am really looking forward to when we start taking family vacations and would much rather pay for 4 plane tickets than 5.. and 4 dinners instead of 5, etc. etc. And that hockey I mentioned? Yeah.. I don't want them into that. Too expensive.

Life is really great having two boys. What Levi is done with can be used for Rex which is saving us a ton of money! In the future when they have sleepovers with their friends they'll be playing video games and/or running around outside getting dirty. I can definitely put up with that! Having boys means I won't have to deal with PMS from them or complaints of bad hair days (hopefully). I can already see the amazing bond that they have and how much they enjoy having each other around. I can only hope that it will last their lifetime.


  1. I was surprised to learn that boys indeed have "bad hair days", take forever getting ready and deciding what to wear and also have their very own version of moody, hormonal PMS... I was NOT prepared for that.

  2. oh Emma I'm so glad I have u and Addy to be my cousin guys are so awesome I hope to see u soon love Ashley