Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A wannabe vegan

I would love to go vegan. It has been in the back of my head for years. Ever since I told my paternal grandma about this (years ago) she has brought me a homemade vegan dish to almost every get together that we've had. How awesome is she?! When I have finished eating all of the things she has brought I've come to the same conclusion: I could so live on this! But, can I?!

I grew up with my dad as a hunter. I remember patiently waiting for him to get home from hunting so I could run outside to greet him and hopefully get to look at a dead deer in the back of his truck. I once tried to be a vegetarian in middle school and after a few days a McDonald's commercial broke me.

We were on the way home from the cabin yesterday when we pulled up alongside of a truck full of pigs on their way to get slaughtered. I made eye contact with one of them and my heart sank. Then, Levi asked me what all of them were doing in there. I couldn't lie. I'm very straightforward and honest with him. I said "They are on their way to get killed so people can eat their meat". And then I remembered the bacon I ate that morning. It really was delicious.

This is why I am torn. I love (most) meat. I've been around it my whole life. It's what I'm used to. There isn't much that we don't cook for meals that doesn't have meat in it (or milk, or cheese). But then my heart breaks when I think of the animals dying. Plus, I know meat and animal products can have its negative affects on my health. I want to feel amazing and have more energy than I do now. I also want to save money. Meat and dairy are a huge portion of our grocery bill.

I'm putting myself to the test. One week. I will be vegan for one week and see if I am disciplined enough.

I can still have beer though, right?


  1. You will be amazed how fast you stop missing milk, cheese, and meat. At least I did and Jeremy did too. Cooking and baking is so much easier not worrying about contaminating anything with raw meat or eggs. Baking can take a bit getting used to without milk and eggs and butter but it can be done. You can have whatever you want! I tell Jeremy that all the time, We can eat whatever we want we just choose not to. Any step is a step in the right direction. The harder things to give up for us are actually the processed foods. Cheese has been the hardest thing to stop eating because we used to add cheese to everything but it is also probably the worst for you!

    1. I actually don't remember the last time I drank milk (except for it being in my iced mocha's from caribou!). We have been buying almond and coconut milk for months now. Cheese on the other hand.. yikes! That is going to be a tough one! Oh, can't forget about ice cream and frozen yogurt either. I'm not a cook to begin with so hopefully this will light a match under me to get going on cooking and finding great recipes. That is such a good point that you can eat whatever you want you just choose not to. Love it!