Thursday, July 31, 2014

& then there was one

Tonight I received a message that changed things a little bit.

The woman who I was partnering with to do daycare has had a change of heart.

It helped me to think of the pro's before the con's.

  • I don't have to try and figure out tax stuff with having an "employee".
  • I don't have to consult with anyone before making any daycare related decisions. 
  • I don't have to worry about our relationship going sour from working together 50 hours a week. 
  • I don't have to split the money with anyone. 
  • Not having a back-up for sickness and vacations. 
  • Not having an extra set of eyes during the day.
I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I'm still going to open this daycare and I hope I'll look back feeling happy with my decision to make this huge leap! 


  1. With only having one person how many kids are you legally able to watch? And with that being said how many do you want to watch?

    1. 10 including my own - only 6 preschool and younger with only two infants at a time. We weren't going to watch the allowed for two people when we were doing this together because of when one wanted to take vacation or was sick we still wanted to be within the allowed ratio. I don't want more than one infant at a time, would love one more toddler and the rest preschool/school aged. I think I would be up to starting with 6 total kids (including my own) and go from there. Baby steps!

  2. Very smart! If you want - I'll get CPR trained/etc if you ever needed a back up.

    1. Oooo, that would be awesome Beth! Though I'm not exactly sure on the laws I feel like it needs to be someone licensed. Which would entail 23 hours of different required classes.

  3. Wow 10 would be a lot! Where would u put them all in the winter when they are stuck inside? Plus your van cant hold 10. Ud need a cargo van for emergencies and field trips lol

  4. You can do it! Change of plans stink but sometimes doing it yourself is easier anyways! Start out slowly and you will be just fine!