Monday, July 28, 2014

Wishing I had kept Rex's baby gear..

I haven't posted in a while because life has pretty much taken over. I've been awful by not making my blog a priority since I really do love it so much. What a better way to get back into the swing of things with a [somewhat] huge announcement?!

Drum roll please!

I'm applying for an in home daycare license!

Not what you thought I would say?

So yes, I'm really wishing I had kept Rex's baby gear because I could really use a baby swing, highchair, bouncy seat, etc. for the daycare.

It was a little sudden how this came about. Let me explain.

I've been watching a little 4 year old girl for the past couple of weeks and it's been an absolute blast! We're all loving having her around. Plus, I've also interviewed/met with another family who needs short term care coming up this fall. It kind of got my wheels turning. What if I really did this for a LIVING and not just an extra few bucks?

We had a get together at our place with family and friends and a couple brought up how they can't start trying to have kids until she has a day job. I threw it out there: "What if we started a daycare?!" That way I could still stay home with the kids, they could start their family and she could bring her kids to work PLUS by doing this together we can have each others back when one of us is sick, on maternity leave, wants to go on vacation, etc. so that the daycare families wouldn't be left in a scramble. She LOVED the idea! Even said that she's always wanted to do daycare! So, that was that!

I have been doing nothing but research since. I had NO IDEA how long of a process this would be and how much training is required. It's going to be tough and stressful at times but it will be so worth it.

Now, this daycare needs a name and I'm open to suggestions! Once we get a name picked out then I can start our daycare blog to share this journey with everyone. Have any ideas?!


  1. Why not keep going about it, the way you are now? Unliscensed i mean. No taxes, no liscensing, no insurance to be worried about. Sounds like a great idea to have an extra helper there, but when you become liscensed it opens up all sorts of wormholes. I believe even your homeowners policy has to change! Sounds like a huge hassle and im curious what benefit would you get by becoming liscensed?

    1. It's illegal to do it without a license.


    Under Subp. 3 you'll find the legal "daycare" situations.

  3. Ha use a hippie name, growing naturally or little explorers daycare ;)

    1. It for sure should sound crunchy! Great ideas! Thanks!

  4. My original comment didn't show up but good for you! I have tossed the idea around many times, especially because that is what I got my associate degree in but so far not happening here!
    There are many benefits to getting licensed also. If I did it I would get licensed and do youngstar. It can be more of a headache at times but makes a better provider in my opinion!

  5. re: original "anonymous" comments

    You MUST change your homeowners liability coverage (if they will even do it) or you will have NONE. It will involve an extra charge, but better than not having any coverage for a child injured in your care, with even just an allegation of negligence. At least you would have defense coverage with a proper homeowners insurance endorsement. Specific daycare liability insurance would provide the best coverage though.
    As to the other comment about the advantage of being unlicensed ("no taxes"), you legally owe taxes on income whether reported or not. Ignorance of the law is not bliss. Plus most customers would probably want to deduct daycare expenses on their taxes. Customers deducting and a provider not reporting income is not a good combo (not saying that you would).
    Also from an insurance standpoint, a "helper" is an "employee" under MN state law unless a completely independent contractor with their own business entity, insurance, control of working hours, etc. So if you don't insure a "helper" for work comp, you are liable for injury to the "helper" for the same benefits they would have had if you had a policy. Essentially, you personally become an insurance company under the law. This cannot be covered under your homeowners policy. Has to be separate work comp insurance.

    Not trying to be a downer or preachy, because economically, I realize people need to figure out arrangements. But ignorant comments drive me nuts (not to mention the inability to spell "licensing"). "The huge hassle" can be bankruptcy.

    Good luck with your venture, The Insurance Guy.

  6. Just curious, what are you doing for your current insurance policy?

  7. Not sure where you are located, but if it happens to be in Massachusetts I would strongly recommend checking our KW Insurance. They are currently providing me with home insurance in Milton MA and I couldn't be happier! They have a great team that helped me ensure that I'm getting a great rate, optimal coverage, and they have some great resources on their website that truly set them apart from the rest. Just my two cents. :)

    - J.O.