Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Making myself a priority

Ever since becoming a mom (almost 6 years ago now!) I really started putting myself lower and lower on my own priorities list. I had completely lost touch with things that I used to love doing. I am happy to say that I've began to make time for myself again lately and as tough as that is to work into the day, what's even tougher is continuing to put myself on the back burner.

So, what's changed?

Well first, I was invited to be part of a book club. While it took me a month or two to get into the swing of things once I picked up and read my first book I didn't want to go a day without reading again! This is something that I used to love doing but life happened and I stopped making it a priority. It really is such a great feeling to get lost in a book and it's a great way for me to wind down during nap time and after the kids go to bed.

Next, I began running (again). I've never really been a runner. I've done a couple 5k's and I did an 8k this spring. It was really the 8k that did it for me. It was the longest distance I've ever ran without stopping and I did it without training. I MEANT to train. But I never made the time. So, I was incredibly sore for almost a week afterwards. The race itself made me feel so great though that I knew I had to start making time for running. Fast forward a couple months (still hadn't made time for running) and I came across a running challenge online. The town where I grew up has become a really tight knit community. They have a facebook group for almost everything you can think of to join their residents together. Yes, I am a part of them all even though I now live in the town right next to it (honestly, one block over). Their newest facebook group is for a running challenge they have right now for the month of August. One of their residents got the idea from a friend to start the Birdtown Run 100. You try to run 100 miles in the month of August and everyone who wants to sign up and do it buys an awesome running jacket they've had designed for it and the group is in place to post your runs and help keep you motivated. I knew this was my calling. I signed up to do it along with 3 friends of mine. So far, so good! I'm six days in and 14 miles down running every morning at 5:45 with a previous neighbor of mine. It has definitely been challenging because I'm not used to waking up that early and my body isn't used to this much exercise but it's worth it. It's becoming a nice routine that I hope won't end once the Birdtown Run 100 is over.

My mornings are as follows: wake up at 5:15, quickly get ready to go run, run from 5:45-6:20, Kaylee get's dropped off (sleeping) at 6:30, I start the coffee pot, take a shower and relax with my coffee while watching the news until the kids wake up. All before 8 o'clock I get friend time, exercise, a shower and me time. 

My promise to myself is that I will never put ME on the back burner again.  

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