Monday, April 3, 2017

Love It or List It

About a month ago we found out our neighbors a few houses down were going to be selling their home. Their house is beautiful and would be perfect for us so we thought that it wouldn't hurt to see if we could afford it and what we could sell our own house for.

Well, we found out that no, we cannot afford that specific house but it wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade right now. We bought our house 3 years ago for $144,900 and could list it within the next couple of months for $199,900.

But in order to list our house for sale here are the updates needed:
Painting the exterior of the house/garage
New kitchen floor
Updated light fixtures (DONE)
Finish basement
Replace some windows

I'm all about getting feedback from others and so during our backyard bonfire this weekend we were talking about all of this with our family and friends. Well, it got our wheels turning a little bit. What if we were to remodel our home instead of move?

If we were to stay, here's what would need to happen:
Kitchen addition to allow for more counter space and room for an 8ft+ table
1/2 bath in basement
2+ car garage
Dormer on upper level with 3/4 bath (this is if I dream BIG)
*In order of priority

We enjoy our neighborhood. It's close to everything (shops, restaurants, downtown, our family), it's on a quiet street, we can walk to two parks as well as the library and grocery store, we have great neighbors, etc. etc. But it's really important for us to have a space ideal for entertaining our family and friends. If we move we would stay in our school district and go 10 minutes from where we currently are.

We could really use the Love It or List It team in our lives right now..


  1. You really do need love it or list it!!! By selling you get some of the cash to get the "bigger" house. But you'd probably end up with a bigger mortgage payment. If you stay you get to keep the awesome neighborhood but how would you get the cash to do the upgrades?

    1. We're looking into our loan options through the Housing Resource Center (they work directly with Crystal residents for home improvement loans) as well as our options with refinancing and a HELOC. We don't know all of the details yet of any of them but we'll be able to make an educated decision before too long!