Friday, September 19, 2014

&& So It Begins!

The process of opening Nature Sprouts is actually in full swing now!

Every other month the county holds a large group info meeting about the licensing process and that is where you receive the application. I must have just missed the last one because it felt like I was waiting forever for the next one to come around. Well, yesterday was the day and it was such a great feeling walking out with the application in hand. This wasn't just a dream anymore. It felt like reality!

In the application you need to fill out background info consent forms for everyone who lives in the household, get a physical and have your dr sign off on seeing you in good health for taking care of kids, list references, finish a safety checklist of your home and get the application notarized. So far, all of that is done besides the dr appointment. But come Monday my application will be in the mail!

Once they have received my application they'll send me an invitation to a 3 hour small group meeting where I'll get more paperwork to fill out and we'll go more in depth with the laws and statutes. Is it weird that I'm looking forward to this?!

Along with all of these meetings and paperwork I also have to do about 20 hours worth of training classes. They include: CPR, First Aid, Behavior Guidance, Child Passenger Restraint, SUIDS/AHT (Sudden Unexplained Infant Death/Abusive Head Trauma) and Supervising for Safety. I just registered for all of them today and will have them all completed by the end of November.

From there I will play the waiting game until the licensor contacts me to set up a 4 hour home visit inspecting the daycare set up.

It's officially go time! I have to get cracking on making final adjustments to the house as well as hold interviews for potential daycare families.

Let's hope we can get this daycare up and running in March 2015!

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