Monday, July 15, 2013

Rex is 11 Months Old!

This last month has completely flown by! How can it be that in one month my baby will be a YEAR old?! I'm going to soak it up these next 30+ days because I'm dreading having a toddler and not a baby anymore.

It's official: Rex is walking! He took his first real step (as in he didn't fall right afterward) on June 26th which is his uncle Chase's birthday and his late grandpa Steve's birthday. It was so sweet that it happened on their special day! We were at Chase's birthday party at my moms and my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins were also there so he was surrounded by family (and a bunch of hooray's) when it happened. Surprisingly I didn't shed any tears though. He had been attempting his first step for about a week before so it didn't come as a shock. Now 3 weeks later he is up to 15 steps in a row before falling and has gone about 5-6 feet across the room. Crawling is still his main cruise mode but it won't be long and he'll be found upright more often than on the ground!

He's also started standing from a sitting position on the floor without help from anything for leverage. Now that was a shock when he did it for the first time!

We went to his first parade yesterday in my hometown and it was there that he finally picked up waving. I guess all it took for him to get it was hundreds of people going past us in the parade while waving for 2 hours!

After a lot of time outside he has gotten used to the grass. A month ago he hated it and how he'll cruise right through it.

His favorite food is meat. You give him any type of meat and it's the first thing gone off of his highchair tray.

We're still breastfeeding! My goal was 12 months but I don't see an end in sight. I'm totally okay with that and we will wean when he's ready. No people, he will not go to school still nursing. I might send it in a straw cup for him though ;-) (totally kidding..)

His top teeth have really come in now giving him a total of 6 clearly visible teeth. No more gummy smiles from Rexy!

We have noticed lately that Rex sure doesn't like it when he doesn't get his way. He'll arch his back, throw back his head and cry when something is taken from him or he's prevented from going somewhere (like the bathroom). I see some tough tantrums in our future if he's got this down already before he's one! I just keep thinking to myself "this is my last child.. I don't have to go through this again" and it helps me feel better when times are tough.

He has also started crying when strangers talk to him and is found to be a total mama's boy.. but he sure does love his dada!

Happy 11 months, Rexy! You're such an amazing little guy!

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  1. Such a cute picture of him, not hard since he is such a cute boy but still! It is crazy how fast the time goes by and it seems to go twice as fast with the second one!