Friday, January 31, 2014

Saying 'goodbye' to our apartment

Our keys needed to be turned in at our apartment by noon today so yesterday afternoon I took the boys there so we could say a final 'goodbye'. As we were driving there it all of a sudden seemed like such a long drive. Most likely because we are so close to everything now. When I was pulling my car into the garage I was flooded with the memory of bringing Rex home from the birth center. I instantly started to cry.

It's just amazing after not living there for almost a month how much you can forget. Like how the door squeaks, how Rex always giggles at Levi walking up the stairs and how the place smells. The kids ran around chasing each other and giggling like crazy the whole time we were there. When it was time to go Levi went into every room and yelled "GOODBYE!". I went there thinking that Levi was going to have a really difficult time with saying goodbye and leaving but it hardly phased him. Instead it was me that started crying as I was reminded of so many different memories. When I shut the door for the last time, trying to fight back tears, I put the key in to lock it and realized that I was trying to lock it with my house key. They don't look anything alike. My house key is bright pink, hello kitty. Glancing down and seeing the house key in my hand instead of our apartment key made me realize that as hard as it is to say goodbye, I'm about to go HOME. To our house. The place that we will call our home for years and years and years. The place where we will make far more memories than we had at our apartment. As special as those memories are, they go with us where ever we go. And that's what's most important.

Last time at our apartment - Levi (5) Rex (17.5 months)

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