Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm No Supermom

Sometimes it really gets to me that I can't do everything. I pride myself in having a clean home, healthy and happy kids. But that isn't always possible. Especially when I'm sick. Laundry gets backed up, dishes pile up in the sink, the TV is on far too much and all I want to do is lay around.

Rex has been sick for the last three days and I'm feeling like myself again after being sick for two days. Yesterday was the worst of it for me. I had been up a lot with Rex throughout the past few nights and during the day it wasn't much better trying to make him comfortable. When I woke up yesterday my body was screaming at me to take it easy. How do I take it easy with two kids? Levi has preschool and gymnastics. I have diapers I need to wash and I discovered that I was out of comfy underwear (who wants to wear a thong when they're sick? NOT ME!). So, I began asking for help. I knew I couldn't do this on my own. Levi's dad was able to pick him up from preschool and Andy was going to look into getting done with work a couple hours early to bring him to gymnastics. I got diapers in the laundry and threw on a pair of Andy's boxers to get by without my comfy underwear.

With Rex napping and Levi home from school I allowed myself to fall asleep on the couch. Levi was content with games on my cell phone and I asked him to tell me if he heard Rex wake up. 40 minutes later it's 12:45 and I wake up to our door opening. Andy was home from work! And, at that exact moment I hear Rex talking to himself in his crib. I couldn't have been more relieved! At this point I was running a fever, was sweating one minute and freezing the next with a pounding headache. Did I mention that I can't take cold medicine? One of the downsides to breastfeeding.

I was able to get a lot of rest yesterday and I feel so grateful to have people in my life that are so willing to help when they can. It would have been an awful day yesterday without them. Not just for me but for my kids. They don't deserve that. I know for a fact I would still be feeling like crap today if I didn't have the help. So, THANK YOU to those of you that made it possible.

Not every mom can keep it together when they're feeling down and there's nothing wrong with them needing help or not being able to do it all on their own. I'm no supermom. I never will be. And I'm perfectly okay with that.

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